The Launch

Hello and Welcome!

After many months of planning and preparation, has finally launched!

Born out of the necessity to find the best work boots for our construction company, we found it difficult to find accurate information when it came to finding top quality boots.

The websites that exist now are pure affiliate websites and prioritize the highest paying commission rather than the best overall products.

Thus Best Work Boots was dreamed up and created by me, Charles Kile.

As the owner of a marketing company and a long time contractor who has gone through at least 10 pairs of boots, I’ve taken it upon myself to build this website as a hobby.

The goal is to provide accurate information for consumers and develop relationships with the world’s top boot manufacturers.

What’s in it for me? Well, I’m obsessed with boots. The soft smooth feel of the leather. The delicious smell of freshly treated cow hide. Yep…. That’s my jam.

Stay tuned for the best information available for all you boot shoppers out there!

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